2018 Wish List


Shelter Building and Remodeling Projects (as approved)

  • Builder Captains
  • Trade Volunteers
  • Donated Labor and Materials

Volunteer Care Days and Painting A Better Tomorrow

  • Volunteers for Preparation (Two – Three weeks ahead)
  • Volunteers for Clean Up
  • Volunteers for Painting and Care Days
  • Volunteers to check in participants
  • Use of Ladders
  • Sponsored T Shirts
  • Refreshments
  • Painting Supplies

 Annual Trap Shoot Volunteers

  • Prepare registration, badges and team packets
  • Organizational support
  • Volunteers for Preparation and Clean Up
  • Volunteers for Registration and Team Check –in
  • Promote and solicit donations for Silent Auction
  • Manage and Support Silent Auction Day of Event
  • Photographers

Administrative Design & Support

  • Donations of Postage
  • Donations of plain and colored copier paper
  • Offers to copy materials or color printing on demand
  • In-kind Support (4-8 hrs can mean a great deal)
  • Filing
  • Mailing List and Data Entry
  • Mailing and Stuffing Envelopes
  • Graphic Design Support
  • Social Media Contributors 

Donations for Year End Appeal to Support Building Projects

  • Give donations or referrals for HomeAid
  • Solicit sponsors for media

Committee Volunteer Service and Event Engagement

  • Project Site Selection – review and recommend HomeAid projects
  • Outreach and Communication – promote HomeAid Sacramento’s impact in the community with businesses, the public and elected officials