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How YOU are making a difference!

The donations and contributions we receive are used to plan, coordinate and manage HomeAid’s projects, solicit in-kind donations of labor and materials and increase awareness about homelessness in our community.  Due to the generosity of our donors and building partners, HomeAid Sacramento is able to build dignified housing for the temporarily homeless in the Sacramento region.


Maximizing each dollar is our priority!


What truly differentiates HomeAid from other non-profit organizations is its model for affiliating with the local building industry association, securing relationships to support the building of housing shelters. We bring together community leaders, along with builders and trade organizations to facilitate the building of homeless shelters and low income housing, and then local service providers to ultimately manage the housing after it is built.  

Through our industry contacts, the key to HomeAid’s success is leveraging the in-kind donations of building materials and labor of professional builders, multiplying the effect of every cash dollar received two-fold. 

In terms of return on investment (ROI) and increasing the retail value of our finished housing projects, the HomeAid model remains unparalleled in the non-profit world.