Beth Kang


Beth Kang is the Executive Director of HomeAid Sacramento, the charitable arm of the North State Building Industry Association.  Beth has served as HomeAid’s Executive Director since 2011. In her role as Executive Director, Beth is the spokesperson for HomeAid; and, is responsible for developing the building projects that HomeAid supports, fundraising, creating partnerships, and volunteer leadership.  One of Beth’s goals for HomeAid is to promote awareness about the building industry’s contributions and impact in regard to preventing homelessness in our community.

Beth has over twenty years experience in nonprofit and association management.  Before joining HomeAid, Beth was the Executive Director of the California-Nevada Section of the American Water Works Association in Southern California; she also served as the Director of Environmental Programs for Rural Community Assistance Corporation.  She has taught at both Kansas State University and Bowling Green State University.  Beth also owned a development, facilitation, and consulting practice that provided support for the nonprofit and private sectors.

To contact Beth, call: (916)751-2746 or e-mail her at:  


Vangelina Chang

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