Our Building Model

Aligned with local builders and homeless service providers, HomeAid Sacramento has created a seamless approach to building housing projects and services for today's homeless. Our BUILD and CARES Committee selects local homeless service providers determined by specific needs -- domestic violence survivors, disabled veterans, or homeless individuals and families who require housing assistance to get back on their feet.

Building projects are identified and prioritized based on need and suitability. Once a project and location are approved, a Builder Captain is chosen through our connections with the North State Building Association members to manage the construction or renovation of the housing project. The Builder Captain secures trade donors such as carpenters, plumbers, insulators and roofers, to provide labor, materials and other services. HomeAid raises funding for building projects through corporate and individual donations. 

Once the project is complete, HomeAid Sacramento turns the finished building projects over to the nonprofit shelter to run and operate. Our building model enables local shelter providers a way to conserve scarce operating dollars for direct service programs to benefit those in need.

Our building model allows homeless Shelter providers to do what they do best -- helping families and individuals move from a point of crisis toward self-sufficiency.