HomeFul Foundation Awards $50,000 Grant to HomeAid Sacramento
September 27, 2019

ROSEVILLE – HomeAid Sacramento is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a $50,000 grant from the HomeFul Foundation in support of its efforts to build and renovate temporary, transitional and permanent housing for qualifying projects.

“We are humbled by this significant gift that will enable us to continue building hope for the greater Sacramento region’s homeless children, families, women, men and veterans,” said Beth Kang, Executive Director of HomeAid Sacramento. “Time and again our builders and their trade partners have proven to be one of our organization’s most dedicated and generous supporters and partners. From their corporate and charitable leadership to their families and friends, they have been all-in for HomeAid and we could not be more appreciative.”

“The work that HomeAid is doing is part of the beginning of the end of homelessness in the Sacramento region, and the HomeFul Foundation is pleased to support this impactful organization’s efforts,” said Jeff Roos, President of the HomeFul Foundation. “Homelessness is nothing short of a humanitarian crisis and we are firmly committed to supporting organizations that have the will and commitment to end it.”

HomeAid Sacramento has earmarked the $50,000 grant to be used to support two projects on behalf of 1)
The Taylor House, which seeks to develop a sense of independence for transitioning foster girls, from the ages of 18-24, by teaching them critical skills and providing them with affordable living accommodations and 2) Advocates for Mentally Ill Housing, an organization committed to ensuring Placer County residents experiencing mental illness receive the housing, employment, and supportive services they need.

About the HomeFul Foundation

The HomeFul Foundation facilitates an innovative partnership between homeowners who collaborate to help end homelessness. Through voluntary homeowner participation, HOMEFUL has created a unique, ongoing and expansive source of giving that promises to transform the fight against homelessness. This innovative model has been carefully designed, tested and proven in the housing market. Find out more about HomeFul.

About HomeAid Sacramento
HomeAid Sacramento serves the greater Sacramento region, building homes and hope for homeless families and individuals.  Formed in 1996, HomeAid Sacramento has completed nearly 100 housing projects with a retail value of $16.3 million dollars and in-kind donations topping $7.5 million. We accomplish this through the generosity of our partners in the regional homebuilding industry (builders and trades), and our many community volunteers. Learn more about HomeAid Sacramento.