Thank You for Supporting Another Amazing Trap Shoot

Well the 16th Annual HomeAid Sacramento Trap Shoot Fundraiser is in the books.  Looking back on Friday’s event, there were so many highlights and a wonderful show of support for our Mission at HomeAid.  I have so many thank you’s to mention because this type of event takes everyone to make it happen.  The Trap Shoot committee, Colin Roe, John Chanda, Kenton Russel, Michele Booth, Michelle Gibson, Mark Eglington, Amalia Griego, Leilani Serecchia, Burke Bair, Keith Collins, you guys are amazing and never stop working to make this event an absolute success.  The scorekeeper, who braved the heat and hung into the very end.  Our sponsors, all 61 of you, are so generous with you finances and loaning us volunteers to work the event.  Our volunteers, without you stepping in to run the traps, keep everyone fed and watered is truly a labor of love and a great example of how we can all help each other, in some little way, to make each other’s lives a little more enjoyable.  Our record, 85 trap shoot teams (425 shooters), stayed on point as we got through 2 rounds and a championship round, which included quite a show in a shoot off/tie-breaker at the end.  All 300-400 folks, who were still in attendance, enjoyed an exciting shoot off between Eddie Rodriguez from BZ Plumbing and Fred Jensen who shot with Anderson Lumber.  The two shot 10 from 16 paces and each hit all 10, then moved back to 23 paces where Eddie missed 1 and Fred missed 2 out of 10, making BZ plumbing the winner. Don’t kid yourself, these guys shoot to win.  It was awesome.  Our awards and raffle ceremony was amazing as well as we gave away $15,000 in guns and prizes.  The live auction of the 4 ice chest, which, by the way, there were 2 shotguns in 2 different ice chests, turned out to be the show stopper as Bill Zmrzel of BZ Plumbing, challenged others to give deeply to HomeAid by placing the winning bid 3 of the 4 ice chests for $2,200 and encouraging/egging on, a generous Greg Grant to donate $3,100 for the final Ice chest, for a total of $5,300.  What a way to end it. 

A special thank you to my friend/boss/employer, Dieter Folk, Owner of Citadel Roofing & Solar, for allowing me the time to chair this event.  You are one of the most generous souls I know and on behalf of HomeAid Sacramento, I thank you for all you do to promote the mission of HomeAid.  To my brother, Remy, my sisters Michele & Toni, my daughter Allie, my son Griffin, my mother-in-law Lynn Gilliss and most importantly my wife, Becci, for their love and support of this event,  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there for me.

If you want to be part of something great, that is changing the lives of those who find themselves homeless and in need of temporary shelter to get back on their feet, join us at HomeAid Sacramento.  By just doing one little thing, we can all make a big difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

See you next year…

Bryce Robicheau
Citadel Roofing and Solar
16th Annual HomeAid Trap Shoot Committee Chair