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What is HomeAid Sacramento?

The Home Building Industry plays a vital role in the elimination of homelessness....

Founded in 1996, HomeAid Sacramento is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization that builds and renovates multi-unit transitional housing facilities for non-profit shelters and service providers serving temporarily homeless families and individuals in the Sacramento Region. HomeAid Sacramento is the designated charity of the North State Building Industry Association; and, is a local chapter of HomeAid America, a leading national provider of transitional housing for the temporarily homeless.

How Does HomeAid Help the Community?

We do what we do best: build.

This allows non-profit shelter providers to do what they do best: provide services, training, and rehabilitation to thousands of homeless in our region and to help them regain self-sufficiency. HomeAid works with existing service providers who have a need to create or expand their shelter bed capacity. The HomeAid leadership determines the worthiness of the cause and then selects a builder captain to oversee the creation or expansion of the shelter operation. The builder captain then elicits the support of his/her subcontractors and suppliers in bringing the project to fruition.

Why is HomeAid Needed? 

Over 500 children in our region are homeless...

Shelter organizations care for thousands of homeless families and individuals each year. Maintaining the properties that serve as temporary homes for these families can be challenging and costly.

HomeAid Sacramento undertakes the renovations and construction of these facilities, relying on homebuilders and trade partners to do the work, thus providing significant cost savings to the shelters. If HomeAid didn’t exist, shelter organizations would spend more of their precious money and staff time focusing on construction and renovation of their properties, rather than serving the immediate needs of families and individuals in crises.

HomeAid Sacramento was created in 1996 by the members of the North State Building Industry Association (NSBIA).  And, since then, we have completed 66 projects, added 769 beds to our community, leveraged $6.7 million in in-kind donations, and have a retail value of $15.4 million for our projects.  HomeAid Sacramento is a chapter of HomeAid America.


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